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Development on hold as of February 22nd, 2020.
I still plan on releasing a very short demo in Summer 2020.

Story Summary

This is a story about a transfer student who goes to Sylmont University, known for its prestige and community building. At the university, students are required to participate in a mandatory leadership course, where they take part in bi-weekly community service activities with randomized groups of students for course credit. Activities include volunteering trips to soup kitchens, hospitals and nursing homes and animal shelters.

With fortune's luck, Aqua Rosenthal participates  as the first cohort of ambassadors to a world that seems to be falling apart due to the buildup of miasma and consequently, monsters that inhabit the polluted world. Join Aqua and her group in searching for a way to override the plague and end the era of miasmosis.

Protagonist (Name changeable)

Second year transfer student who constantly forgets to
eat healthy food, succumbing to the temptations of junk food or
just forgetting to eat altogether sometimes. (Name changeable)

Main characters

Botany/computer science student, role-model and extracurricular
fanatic. He works multiple jobs, volunteers, and school.
He never misses a chance to insult Aqua.

A premed biology student who seems to be the object of
affection for many female students due to his looks, grades
and his father. He may have a hidden complex.

PhD student, "big bro" and Aqua's roommate for the year. With
his infinite energy, he somehow works on  research and three
TA jobs, and has time to clean the house.

A PhD student who works in a lab with Jasper. He's serious,
strict and stoic. During his undergrad years, Hector used to
visit Aqua and Jasper's place to play video games.
Special Features:
  • Go on randomized dates with a love interest between bi-weekly missions.
  • "Skin-ship" and poke around your love interest's living space.
  • Three or four male love interests, 3 outfit variations each with multiple poses.
  • 169,007 words as of February 22nd, 2020.
  • The content warning will be made clear when the demo goes live.
  • A Kickstarter page will be launched once game development is near completion.

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Updated 2 days ago
StatusOn hold
Release date in 2 years
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
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